The Importance of Business Goals: Credibility

Credibility is a concept that has really changed a lot over the past few years.  Forty years ago, people who lived in smaller communities probably knew every provider of every service available.  This also made it possible to know which one was likely to do a great job at a great price, and which other one might be kind of sketchy, perhaps charging the new price for a used part.  In small community settings, service providers were largely judged on how they had treated customers in the past.

Those living in larger communities probably still knew some available service providers.  In these settings, however, advertising became a lot more important.  There were, of course, newspapers and the big, yellow section of the phone book that listed all of the businesses.  Business owners who had more money could put large ads in the phone book and run more frequent copy in newspapers.  Then, of course, there were television ads that could make any product or service seem really special, which were created after establishing the purpose of marketing objectives.

Credibility Business Goals in the Digital Age

importance of business goals.jpeg

In today’s digital age, credibility still figures heavily into the importance of business goals.  In these times, the customer is not just choosing a product or service from their small or large local area.  They may be choosing between businesses  all over the world.  Credibility in the online world in terms of important goals and objectives ( has three main components.

  • As much as other things may have changed in the world over the past few decades, one old adage remains true.  There is never a second chance to make a first impression.  There are a few ways to make a positive first impression, such as by making sure that the business has at least five Google reviews, with the related star ratings.
  • Credibility can be expanded by having reviews on many websites that showcase a particular type of business.  These kinds of sites are popular for travel, dining out and medical services.
  • Another constant when thinking about credibility is that is is not built in a day.  Over time, really excellent businesses will collect higher star ratings and great written reviews all across the internet.  Patience is key in building a positive online reputation, as it is in other aspects of growing a new venture.

For more information on business goals and objectives view this post here.

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